A man in Jinan stole more than 80000 yuan of cable

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A man in Jinan was arrested for stealing more than 80000 yuan of cables due to lack of money. On January 3 and January 8, 2019, the staff of Jinan Huanghe Road and Bridge Company reported to the police twice that the street lamp cables of the Second Ring West viaduct had been stolen, with a total length of about 400 meters and a value of more than 80000 yuan

after receiving the case, the Dangjiazhuang police station and the Criminal Police Brigade of the Shizhong District branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau quickly launched the investigation centered on the crime scene. Because the staff of Huanghe Road and bridge made the last inspection about 10 days before the theft was found, how to consider the pilot of key new material utilization demonstration insurance compensation in the middle time? The degree is large, and the traffic at the scene of the crime is busy. The police handling the case analyzed that the suspect is more likely to commit the crime when there are few people in the second half of the night. Then, through investigation, it was determined that a silver gray off-road vehicle is the suspect vehicle

subsequently, the police handling the case arrested the suspect Wang near the Yuhan community on January 19 by squatting and waiting

after review, Mr. Wang has no fixed job for a long time and has no stable source of income. He wants to obtain money through theft to maintain his daily expenses. Because he has a criminal record of stealing cables for many times and has the technology and experience in this field, he chose to steal street lamp cables. In order to carry out the theft, Mr. Wang prepared tools for the crime, such as pipeline tongs. Because the street lights that were not lit were not powered on, it was safer to carry out the theft. Therefore, during the implementation of the theft, Mr. Wang first drove the vehicle to find the street lights that were not lit in the construction roads around Jinan as the crime target. In order to avoid detection, Wang sold the stolen cables to mobile waste collectors at random on the street the next day after each successful theft

now Mr. Wang has been criminally detained

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