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A manufacturing method of topsolid 3D standard parts library

a manufacturing method of topsolid 3D standard parts library (taking GB nut as an example):

I. start topsolid. According to the default state, the M2 data in 2016 is 149 trillion, enter topsolid, and establish the nut model

1. parameter -> create

unit type: length, value: 13

Name: s

ESC exits after confirmation

2. curve -> circle

click "radius" in the command prompt bar to switch to "diameter", enter the value: 2*s/sqrt (3), and select the coordinate center point as the center of the circle. Get Figure 1

[Figure 1 Outline]

3. Shape -> stretch

select a circle, enter the height value: m=6.8

the result is shown in Figure 2

[Figure 2 cylinder]

4. Shape -> chamfer

first length: s/sqrt (3) -s/2, second length: s/sqrt (3) -s/2. (function meaning: sqrt (3) is the square root of 3.)

edge or face: the outer circular edge of the upper surface of the cylinder. Click the first face: the upper surface of the cylinder

another edge and face: turn the electromechanical reverse to the outer circular edge of the lower surface of the cylinder, and click the first face: the lower surface of the cylinder

select "calculate chamfer" and the chamfer ends (Figure 3)

[Figure 3 chamfer]

5. Tangent hexagon

curve -> circle

diameter of circle: 1.5 * s

curve -> other curves -> regular polygon

number of vertices: 6, internal diameter: s

as shown in Figure 4, the thickness of the bridge is thinner

[figure 4 regular hexagon]

shape -> depression

reference surface: upper surface of cylinder

one or more surfaces: click the button in the left toolbar, select circle and regular hexagon, and confirm

Figure 5 dialog box appears:

Figure 5 grooving parameter dialog box

Figure 6 cutting contour

6. center hole and chamfer

refer to step 1 for operation:

create parameter: Da, value: 8.75

m, Value: 8

shape -> drilling

face to be drilled: upper surface of nut

first aligned face or edge: arc of upper surface of nut

Figure 7 dialog box appears:

Figure 7 drilling model dialog box

select hole + tapping. Set the parameters as shown in Figure 8 and confirm to exit

figure 8 tapping hole

chamfer the drill hole with reference to the four steps: length: (da-m)/2

the result is shown in Figure 9:

Figure 9 central hole and its chamfer

ps: if the display effect is not good, you can select in the status bar at the bottom of the interface: accuracy =0.2, Adjust the linear accuracy higher in the dialog box (the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy)

II. Make standard parts

save parts

1. Assembly -> define parts

elements to insert: select nuts

note: This is a descriptive dialog box, the content can be set by yourself, and then confirm after setting

2. assembly -> define components -> define key points

key points or key coordinate system to be inserted: select the absolute coordinate system (that is, the system's default XY plane)

OK, exit

note: This is the reference for defining the position when importing standard parts. You can also select points, lines, etc.

3. Assembly -> define components ->/save template

select the name as shown in Figure 11, and confirm to exit

Figure 11 save the standard template

4. Assembly -> define components -> directory header

select: all parameters and text

the program calls the excel file, add the parameter value in the corresponding column

Figure 12 excel file

save the excel file and exit

topsolid nut standard parts are manufactured. The final generated standard part file is in: Misslerconfiglib3d directory, where necessary. (end)

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