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Treatment of micro rolling marks on rubber blanket during printing, it was found that the stroke of a character was broken into two sections. There is no problem looking at the printing plate. Then look at the micro rolling mark on the blanket, which is about 0.5cm long and as thin as a needle. It happens to divide the strokes of the word. I wanted to loosen the rubber cloth and move it to its mouth or trailing tip a little. I thought that although it could drive the rolling mark to the blank of the word, it would inevitably affect other words when changing the version. It's troublesome to pad rubber blanket. In this regard, I think of a way, which is very effective after testing, and there is no need to pad the blanket. The method is very simple, that is, use a steel needle to pierce the rolled micro on the rubber blanket, but what deserves the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial volume, is picking up; 2. The accumulated order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry shows signs of warming up. The main fault in this case is the corrosion of copper foil and the transmission of dense screw pair; 2. The ordinary belt drives a pick, then dips a little gasoline with fingers or paper strips, drips it into the rubber cloth along the needle, and then pulls out the needle. The rubber blanket expands with gasoline, and the rolling marks disappear. When reprinting, the words with missing pen and broken painting are complete. This method is only applicable to the extremely small rolling marks of the blanket that are not cracked

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