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About 70% of China's electrolytic aluminum production capacity has reached the advanced level of 400kA or above

recently, Shandong Province issued the implementation plan on accelerating the high-quality development of the seven high energy consuming industries, which pointed out the industry transformation and upgrading goals in the electrolytic aluminum industry:

electrolytic aluminum industry transformation and upgrading goals: by 2022, the power consumption per ton of electrolytic aluminum will be reduced to about 12800 kwh, and the refined and deep processing rate in the province will reach about 50%, The added value per ton of aluminum increased by more than 30% on average; By 2025, all electrolytic cells will strive to reach the advanced capacity level of 400 Ka and above, and the power consumption per ton of electrolytic aluminum will be reduced to about 12500 kwh. The supply level of high-end aluminum products in the fields of aerospace, high-speed rail, automobile, consumer electronics, power equipment, rail transit equipment, shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment has been significantly improved. High value-added products such as aluminum sheet, strip foil and industrial aluminum profiles account for more than 60%. The main business income of the aluminum industry has reached about 350billion yuan, Developing into an aluminum industry cluster with important influence at home and abroad will affect the overall use effect and innovation highland of equipment

in addition, according to the requirements of the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011 version) (Revised), 400k must be used for the new construction and transformation of electrolytic aluminum projects. In order to solve the above two problems, a and above large prebaked cell processes must be adopted. The existing electrolytic aluminum production line has reached 160kA and above prebaked cells. Requirements are put forward for AC power consumption of molten aluminum, unit consumption of fluoride salt, unit consumption of carbon block, fresh water and AC power consumption of aluminum ingot

in view of the requirements for the transformation and upgrading of the electrolytic aluminum industry issued by Shandong Province, 1. Precautions for the use of rubber tensile strength testing machine, we have clarified the current series of electrolytic cells of projects completed and under construction in the domestic electrolytic aluminum industry, and roughly judged the direction and capacity scale of the next round of industrial structure adjustment through the current intensity of electrolytic cells

in 2017, the replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity was accelerated, and the elimination of backward production capacity was accelerated. Up to now, more than 44 million tons of electrolytic aluminum have been completed and under construction in China (excluding illegal projects). The current production capacity of electrolytic cell current series is as follows:

note: the replacement direction of a small amount of obsolete production capacity has not been determined.

according to statistics, the domestic production capacity of 400kA and above has reached more than 30 million tons, It reflects the characteristics of the rapid development of China's electrolytic aluminum industry in the past decade. From the perspective of current intensity, it shows that the vast majority of China's production capacity is at the international advanced level, including more than 13 million tons of 500ka and above. The new electrolytic aluminum projects basically use the electrolytic cell series of 500ka and above, and many production capacity uses the 600ka series, of which 400kA series and 500ka series are the mainstream series, with the production capacity of more than 10million tons. However, there are still more than 7 million tons of capacity. The current intensity of the electrolytic cell is below 300kA. The small current cell type series or the main capacity of the electrolytic aluminum production capacity will be eliminated and upgraded in the future. The construction time of the above series is early, the cell age is too old, and the operation efficiency of the electrolytic cell will be reduced and various technical indicators will be reduced when it runs to the near service life. In addition, the small cell type has no obvious scale advantage, and the upgrading and transformation is of little significance

in addition, the production capacity of 200kA and below series is 1404000 tons in total, which is basically in full production. The above series may be an important target for elimination and replacement in the future. For example, the production capacity index of more than 200000 tons of Yunnan Aluminum Heqing project comes from Yangzonghai 50000 tons and Yunnan Aluminum Runxin 100000 tons. The above two series of Yunnan Aluminum will be eliminated and replaced in 2019, and are still in production. At the same time, according to the implementation plan on accelerating the high-quality development of seven high energy consuming industries issued by Shandong Province, aiming at the goal that all electrolytic cells in the electrolytic aluminum industry will reach more than 400kA by 2025, we roughly estimate that the total capacity of Shandong Province below 400kA is 1.616 million tons (excluding the elimination and replacement of Zouping aluminum), including 336000 tons of Nanshan aluminum and 220000 tons of Shandong Huayu, Shandong Xinfa is about 1.06 million tons (the illegal production capacity of Xinfa and Weiqiao is retained through new and old replacement). This means that in a few years, the above-mentioned production capacity in Shandong Province will have to be transformed and upgraded. According to the requirements for strengthening environmental protection management in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas, it remains to be seen whether the future policy allows the possibility of only replacing the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc and preserving the remaining structure

table: 200kA and lower series production capacity

data source: LUZHENG futures

however, the current intensity is not absolutely related to the current efficiency. The domestic electrolysis series with mature operation are still dominated by the series below 400kA. Recently, Chinalco Liancheng has retained the 200kA series for production and shut down the 500ka series, which shows that there is no absolute advantage in the current efficiency of the large current series. In addition, many aluminum plants have achieved very good results by strengthening the current and expanding the output of single tank. The actual operating current of most small tank types is much higher than the design. In terms of single current intensity, China's electrolytic cell is the most advanced in the world, but the power consumption per ton of aluminum is not. Therefore, to reduce the power consumption per ton of aluminum still needs to start with many small details of the electrolytic process. Simply expanding the current intensity can not completely solve the problem of energy consumption. In the future, the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum will be slowed down. How to reduce the energy consumption of existing capacity will be the development direction of the electrolytic cell process in the future

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