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About Manroland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhenghong Color Printing Co., Ltd., which specializes in high-end packaging and commercial printing, has made Manroland's achievements in China print 2013 more brilliant. As early as China print 2013, the company chose the overall solution provided by Roland covering prepress and printing: a Roland 900 five-color offset press with 6B1 format and CTP computer for direct plate making. This Roland 900 five color offset press is the first Roland Offset Press introduced by Jiangsu Zhenghong Color Printing Co., Ltd. and will provide strong technical support for the company to expand its business scope in the food packaging industry, especially in China's food and wine packaging market

leaders of both sides took a group photo at China print 2013 Manroland booth. (from the left: Mr. yuanzhineng, chairman of Roland Greater China, Mr. shaosuping, general manager of Jiangsu Zhenghong Color Printing Co., Ltd., Mr. pangruifan, CEO of Roland Pingzhang printing system Co., Ltd., and Mr. dongliubin, chairman of Jiangsu Zhenghong Color Printing Co., Ltd.)

Jiangsu, located in Jiangsu Province, is targeting key interior parts such as seats, instrument panels (interior trim panels), paint upholstery parts, carpet damping pads Red color printing Co., Ltd. such as clothes rack was established in 2002, covering an area of more than 30000 square meters. Its products are widely used in home textiles, electric tools, electronics, food, medicine, etc., including all kinds of color packaging boxes, gift boxes, portable paper bags, picture books, posters, etc. The company has always attached great importance to quality control. With years of good reputation in quality and environmental protection, Zhenghong color printing has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification. Mr. dongliubin, chairman of the board, said excitedly: we have always believed that enterprise hardware equipment is one of the decisive factors for the success or failure of operation. Manroland is a leader in packaging and printing technology. We are looking forward to this newly introduced Roland 900 five color offset press to bring our company's development to a new level

for Jiangsu Zhenghong Color Printing Co., Ltd., the printing quality determines everything, and Roland 900 can ensure the best printing quality from beginning to end because of its advantages such as highly accurate overprint, the most ideal color when the interval between the two chucks changes, flexible paper transmission and perfect delivery stack. In addition, CTP integrated with prepress and printing production management can not only ensure the best printing quality, but also reduce the printing preparation time by up to 25%

about Manroland flat printing system Co., Ltd.

Manroland flat printing system Co., Ltd. was officially established on February 10, 2012 after the British industrialist Mr. Tony Langley and Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. acquired Manroland flat printing department. Manroland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Offenbach, Germany, and has more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. For more information, please browse:

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