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Abstract: on July 6, Sheraton Qingyuan, Guangdong, Hennessy doors and windows went to the ideological feast with you to welcome the new outlet of wealth

on July 6, 2018, on the eve of the 20th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo, Hennessy doors and windows will hold a global dealer conference of "thousands of people return to their hearts and expand the Bureau for a long time" at Sheraton Qingyuan Hotel, Guangdong. Such a grand event will come as scheduled. This conference will gather all major industry businessmen across the country to discuss the development trend of the industry and seek the direction of brand development. This time, grasp the entrepreneurial opportunity, and sincerely invite you to participate in an unprecedented ideological feast and wealth event

in recent years, the strong entry of foreign brands in the door and window industry has prompted the Chinese people to re recognize the concept of the use of doors and windows. In the face of the increasing performance requirements of consumers for doors and windows, system doors and windows have become the blue ocean project with the most development advantages in the building materials industry. Change brings challenges of both crisis and opportunity. Hennessy doors and windows will open a new era of aluminum high-end customized doors and windows at full speed with a new attitude of internationalization

after 15 years of intensive cultivation, Hennessy doors and windows dared to take the lead. In 2018, Hennessy doors and windows was selected as the only customized door and window industry brand in the CCTV-9 discovery journey "craftsman's mind", which is enough to lay an important position for Hennessy's domestic products. The door and window industry is developing with each passing day, putting forward higher requirements for enterprises and dealers all the time. In order to cope with the increasingly severe test of the market, Hennessy door and window should adapt to the situation, introduce automatic information intelligent production equipment, take the global production base of 300000 + square meters as the foundation of the enterprise, and create the largest intelligent door and window industry chain in China with the perfect integration of large-scale, professional production lines, automated three-dimensional warehouses and the Internet of things, Enhance the hard power of the enterprise, comprehensively upgrade the competitive advantage, and achieve a new height in the customized door and window industry

(Australian base)

in addition, Hennessy doors and windows further deepened its internationalization strategy, acquired the Australian door and window brand solidi, and relying on solidi's advanced technological advantages, established Hennessy doors and windows overseas technology research and development center. We sincerely invite Mr. Matthew Webb (Matthew Webb) to serve as the chief product consultant of the overseas technology research and development center, opening up the channels of technology exchange and talent transmission between China and Australia, The development will realize the real-time synchronization of domestic technical information and marketing data with international standards, and lead the new starting point of China's door and window customization industry

in 2018, Hennessy doors and windows continued to launch new products, upgrade the brand experience Hall of doors and windows, improve the diversified product system, increase brand investment, carry out in-depth marketing assistance policies through the full implementation of Hennessy brand strategic layout, and reach partnership with red star Macalline, incredibly home and other large building materials mall operators, striving to achieve rapid growth in dealer performance. Continue to optimize the supreme 5S service system, and use big data to deeply integrate online resources and offline services, so that more dealers can obtain greater profit space in the market competition; At the same time, we will continue to implement the concept of "brand service year", establish the terminal chamber of Commerce Alliance, provide more comprehensive new store personnel training, technical support and assistance policies for major merchants and flagship stores across the country, and customize various professional courses for terminal shopping guides, store managers and bosses; Help novices quickly establish a marketing team, help old stores quickly expand their areas, improve the team's combat effectiveness, expand market channels at a lightning speed, seize share, and meticulous "British butler service", so that every action of Hennessy doors and windows elite alliance can be impeccable

(Fenggang base)

on July 6, we are waiting for you to come and share the grand event of the industry. We will arrive as scheduled, see you or leave





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