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A few days ago, the results of a comparative test of energy-saving lamps released by the Beijing Consumers' Association were disappointing. Of the 53 samples, only 28 samples met the relevant national standards. Among the unqualified products, more than 20% of the energy-saving lamps fail to achieve the energy-saving effect, and more than 70% of the measured indicators of lamp power fail to reach the specified value of the product. There are many well-known domestic and even international brands in the black list, reflecting the chaos of the development of the energy-saving lamp industry. Even famous brands have quality problems. Who else can consumers trust

after the Qingming Festival, the number of people decorating in Shunde gradually increased. Many owners who choose to wait and see before the festival found that although it is still the off-season of decoration at this time, the decoration cost is higher than the peak season before the Spring Festival. Similarly, a simple house with an area of 100 square meters will cost 10% more at the end of 2010 than at the end of 2009, and now it will be 10% more expensive than at the end of 2010. Industry insiders suggest that it is a good idea to order building materials in advance and settle at the lowest price during the period until the time of delivery “ Inflation ” A good way

the quotation of home decoration is generally increased by 10%

“ Plates, wires, coatings, and labor have all risen& rdquo; Mr. Qin bought a second-hand blank house before the Spring Festival and was not in a hurry to decorate it. Consulting with the decoration company a few days ago, I found that the quotation was thousands of pieces higher than that before the Spring Festival, not including the increase in the purchase of ceramic tiles, floors, sanitary ware and other main materials& ldquo; I estimated that the total cost of decoration of a 100 square meter house is about 10000 yuan higher than that before the year& rdquo;

taking 2010 as an example, the price increase of building materials was concentrated in the second half of the year. The decoration cost of the same 100 square meter simple home at the end of the year was 10% higher than that at the beginning of the year. However, the cost of home decoration rose more significantly this year than in previous years. After only threeorfour months, the decoration cost increased by 10% as a whole& ldquo; During the Spring Festival this year, major home decoration companies have raised their quotations by about 10%& lsquo; 3· 15’ During this period, we gave a large discount, which just offset this increase. Now that the activity is over, the owners feel the price increase& rdquo; Lichunhua, general manager of Foshan Xinyi decoration, told reporters that the rise in home decoration quotation was mainly due to the increase in labor costs. There were similar increases in the labor of tile paving, ceiling, fan ash, carpentry and painting

copper wire and coating prices continue to rise

“ Cement and sand have risen, but these accounts for a low proportion of the cost of basic building materials. It is more obvious that wires and coatings& rdquo; Lichunhua introduced that the 1.5mm wire diameter is 160 yuan/roll, and the 2.5mm wire diameter is 280 yuan/roll. About 15-18 rolls of wires are used in a 100 square meter house. The price of each roll is about 230 yuan, and the cost of this part alone is 3600 yuan. Compared with the end of last year, the increase was close to 30%

the reporter learned that since the second half of 2010, the prices of iron, zinc and other hardware materials have continued to rise, and the prices of hardware decorative materials and hardware export products in the market have also increased. In the second half of last year, the price of wire market increased twice in three months. This trend may be better understood from the trend of copper price. Last November, the price of copper was 63500 yuan/ton, but recently it has risen to 72500 yuan/ton

the price of wood products and building materials increased by 5%-10%

in addition to the basic building materials undertaken by labor and decoration companies, the price of main materials purchased by the owners themselves also increased, with the increase of wood products and building materials more obvious

“ Our composite floor price has increased by 5%, while the solid wood price has increased by 10%& rdquo; Huangmucheng, general manager of Shengxiang flooring Shunde, told reporters that the price rise of wood flooring this year was more obvious than before. In the past, the price adjustment was only for some products, and the range was usually only 1%-2%, but this time it was an overall increase. The reporter also received confirmation from dealers of other brands on the news of the overall increase in the price of wood flooring

Dr. xiongshuhua, manager of Shunde board, told reporters that during this period, the price of board has also increased significantly. Compared with the end of last year, the price of large core board has increased by 5-6%. Take the 15mm plate of Nansheng brand as an example. At the end of last year, it was 90 yuan/piece, and now it has been sold to 96 yuan/piece. Xiongshuhua said that because the costs of raw materials, labor, logistics and other costs are increasing, wood products may be further increased in the case of increasingly strong market demand





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