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The phenomena encountered in the investment promotion process of Hongting embroidery wallcovering were published. First and second, both manufacturers and dealers have their own market division positioning, and finding corresponding resources for each other is also the key to successful and harmonious cooperation. Some dealers who specialize in low-cost products or only care about price are not our customers at all. Without brand awareness, there is no basic loyalty, The problem is that if these customers fail to meet their price demands, the answer is that your products are not good, and your brand is not good. The root of the problem is that your dealer's market resources are only suitable for speculative low-cost products. If you have milk, you are the mother. You can choose whichever product has a low price. You have been drifting away from the products of various manufacturers. Such dealers cannot become high-quality customers, and their profitability and store operation ability are very poor, Ask manufacturers for exorbitant prices, low prices, good services, free versions, and manufacturers with no bottom line to do loss trading. Now the wall covering market is no longer better than in the past. Customers are looking for free versions of resources, and the psychology that they can't do it for me or ask me to do it is seriously out of season. Manufacturers and customers are mutually beneficial and sincere. There has never been any unilateralism and will not go too far. What manufacturers lack is not speculative customers but partners

the wallpaper market is a fast-growing, chaotic and disordered market. As the wallpaper market falls into a dead cycle of low-cost competition, the shrinking demand of the external environment has led to a large number of wallpaper enterprises going bankrupt or stopping production for work. Another important factor in the shrinkage of the wallpaper market is that the substitution of wallpaper is becoming stronger and stronger. The previous price shortage of wallpaper relative to wallpaper has slowly subsided, and the price of low-end wallpaper is almost the same as that of wallpaper. For consumers, the wall covering is not limited to the cognition of a new thing than before, and the diffusion effect of consumption is also expanding

this year (2016), countless wallpaper enterprises have entered the seamless wallpaper market. The wallpaper market will become more and more difficult to do, and the market will become more intense. It is also inevitable to repeat the vicious low-cost competition cycle in the wallpaper market. People stop killing Buddha, and finally kill Buddha. Because there is no profit space, dealers remember that the manufacturer is not awesome, but this is also the result of their own requirements, The seamless wall fabric enterprises left over in the next two years will be the best, and the rest will be the king

chaos makes heroes. Whether you can stay in the world depends on the luck of each wall fabric enterprise. The future seamless wall fabric market will be polarized. Brand products that focus on quality and low-end channel products with price as the king. Each product has its own positioning and corresponding marketing mode. For Hongting embroidery wall fabric, it is a brand mode, a professional embroidery brand positioned at the middle end, Pay attention to the promotion of word-of-mouth, image publicity and services, strengthen the understanding of end customers on the brand, and improve the delivery needs of cooperative customers





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